• George pedlow


  • Industry: MLS & Investment Banking

    HOME: London, England

    YEAR: 2020

    MAJOR: Applied Economics and Management

    Minor: Italian



    "Before sophomore year, I spent the summer training with Barnet FC's professional youth academy in England. That December, I travelled around Northern Italy as part of the Italia Innovation Program. Sophomore summer, I worked as an Acquisitions Analyst for Northwood Investors, and this past summer I worked in the strategic M&A advisory group at Lazard. My current goal is to be drafted to the MLS – failing that I will be returning to Lazard next year."



    "My priority at Cornell is my role on the Varsity soccer team. Additionally, I enjoy exploring the psychology of success in sports as a member of the Big Red Leadership Institute."



    "I love to de-stress by playing trumpet, listening to jazz music, fishing on Cape Cod, watching Arsenal struggle to pull out 5th place year after year, and convincing my friends to play pickup soccer. By the time I'm 30, I want to have eaten a pasta dish in all 20 regions of Italy. Open to any recommendations."